College Team

For those players who want to continue their tennis career and education in a US University.


Our SPIRE US university service includes the following university coaches

  • Design a competitive planning schedule for the player to attain the maximum attention from university coaches
  • Guide the player academically to achieve the requirements of the disired universities
  • Prepare the player for the needed entrance exams to access the US University system
  • Guide the players in the registration and requirements of the NSAA eligibility certificate process
  • Direct the process of videotaping and editing the tennis video of the player for the university coaches
  • Select and contact the universities that best meet the necessities of the player
  • Assist in the university admissions process of the desired universities, which includes the sending of official transcripts and other necessary documents for the incorporation of the player in the chosen university and its tennis team


At SPIRE we strive for the best uni and its team for our players as well as the maximum amount of athletic and academic scholarship. A full scholarship in the US includes:

tuition, housing, meals, books, tennis and fitness training, sport equipment, medical care, tournaments, tutoring support.